Week 7, Day 7 – Happy Easter!

Challenge of the day: Celebrate Easter Sunday!

I completed this challenge so thoroughly that I didn’t actually have time to write this post until today so apologies for the late entry!

My day started at 7am, when I went to the dawn service out near the beach. It was a bit chilly but completely worth it for a lovely service, and a surprisingly large number of people, from all parts of the St. Andrews community.

I then sang for a morning service at the chapel I normally sing at on a Sunday morning. What was absolutely amazing was the number of people who came. There were people squeezed into the pews, standing at the back, packed into the organ loft with the choir, and even sitting around the altar at the front. I have never seen so many people in the chapel and it was such a brilliant (and totally appropriate) atmosphere for an Easter Sunday morning.

My final service for the day was at a different church, where we sang a very joyful evensong. It was great to be involved in several services for Easter, and definitely made it feel like a special day.

Thought for the day: I would just like to end with a big thank you to all the people who have been reading this blog, and for those of you who have come up to me and had conversations about the project. I apologise for the times when I haven’t had time to upload every day, and it’s you that’s helped me get through this experience! I hope you also had a special Lent, a reflective and triumphant Holy Week, and a heartfelt Happy Easter to you all!